Dialogue and Mutual Understanding across Generations

Topic :Fertility and Population Dynamics
Type :Proceedings

This EGM was organized in cooperation with the United Nations (UN) Program on the Family and the UN Program on Youth, and the Division for Social Policy and Development of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). Experts on various aspects of social development participated in the meeting in their personal capacities. These included youth delegates in order to reflect the theme of the meeting and promote the participation of young people in line with the objectives of the International Year of Youth. They provided examples of good policies/practices and gave their professional opinion on policy recommendations for strengthening dialogue and mutual understanding across the generations. This was done in the context of examining the role young people play in advancing dialogue and mutual understanding; the role of the family in providing a space for intergenerational dialogue; the challenges and opportunities for dialogue across generations; and the examination of existing regional frameworks and mechanisms for intergenerational dialogue and mutual understanding.


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Research Grant

The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) has launched the OSRA research grant in its sixth cycle which is a research grant on Arab families and family policy related issues.

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