Qatar Foundation has demonstrated considerable commitment in its efforts to address autism within the country. Through a range of initiatives and programs, the foundation has aimed to enhance the support and inclusion of individuals with autism.

By collaborating with experts, research institutes, and community organizations, Qatar Foundation has played a paramount role in raising awareness about autism and promoting early intervention strategies. A variety of initiatives have been undertaken, the establishment of specialized schools like Renad Academy, which prioritize creating suitable learning environments for children with autism. Furthermore, efforts have been directed towards enhancing accessibility and inclusivity across many of its facilities, demonstrated by features like the sensory room at the Education City stadium. Specifically, Qatar Foundation has also been involved in significant research activities, as demonstrated by the Doha International Family Institute’s (DIFI) comprehensive report titled «The Well-being of Families Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Qatar

This report sheds light on the challenges faced by families and offers insights for better support systems. Overall, Qatar Foundation’s involvement with autism encompasses a holistic approach that includes education, research, awareness, and advocacy, all aimed towards creating a more inclusive and caring environment for individuals with autism and their families, This collaborative project between DIFI and Renad Academy is an innovative initiative designed to support children, including children with autism, in developing emotional regulation skills.

Recognizing the crucial role emotional regulation plays in overall well-being and social interaction, this project aims to provide children with practical tools to identify, validate, understand, and express their emotions effectively

Emotion Regulation Cards

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