DIFI participates in The Qatari Woman Pen Forum

Date: March 10, 2019

On the occasion of Women؛s Day celebrations DIFI participated in the 1st Annual conference of The Qatari Woman Pen Forum: “The work of Arab woman: challenges & empowerment” organized by the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara on 7th March 2019. Dr. Sharifa Al Emadi executive Director of DIFI joint elites of Qatari and Arab researchers and academics where she presented on “DIFI working model to strengthen the legal system to support Qatari women”.

The presentation included a DIFI study on Work –Family balance and the challenges facing Qatari women to achieve it. The study showed that women suffer more than men to achieve work-family balance and highlighted how this lack of balance is affecting them in terms of physical and mental health. The presentation was concluded with the importance to know the supporting legislation and means of support to achieve balance between work and family and proposed some recommendations for legal and legislative amendments to empower women.

For the presentation click here

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