DIFI concludes Second Annual Family Policy Forum

Ten years after the implementation of Family Law Number 22 -issued in 2006- the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), held its Second Annual Family Policy Forum titled ‘Ten Years Since the Issuance of Family Law in Qatar: Experiences and Aspirations’. The Forum was held from March 1 – 2, 2017 in partnership with the Legal and Judicial Studies Center of the Ministry of Justice; the Faculty of Law at Qatar University; the Qatar Lawyers Association; and Qatar Social.

Through the Forum, DIFI succeeded in bringing together a broad spectrum of judges, lawyers, and legal experts to discuss various topics, including: The historical, social and legislative context for the issuance of family law in Qatar and its role in supporting family policies; Family law: Substantive and procedural provisions between legislation and societal reality; The perspective of lawyers on family law and its applications in the courts; Cases of reconciliation in family disputes and the role of civil society; judicial protection of the family: Applications from the Qatari courts.

Ms. Noor Al Malki Al-Jehani, Executive Director of DIFI, thanked the participants for their valuable contributions, giving special thanks to the organizing partners: “I would like to extend our appreciation to our partners who share our commitment to strengthen and protect the family and promote the wellbeing of its members.” Following two days of presentations and discussions of some of the most pressing challenges faced in the application of family law, a list of recommendations from the participants of the forum was issued and distributed. They included a call to allocate a separate building for family courts; to issue a family procedural code; to review the family law no. 22 of 2006 and all-relevant legislations; to establish a special alimony fund and to elaborate a system for legal aid in family disputes.

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