DIFI concludes marriage in the arab world forum

The Doha International Family Institute hosted a forum on a culturally significant conversation in the Arab world – marriage.

The symposium, titled The Arab Family Forum on Marriage, took place at Qatar National Convention Centre from December 2-3, and focused on DIFI reports that discuss marital education, the state of marriage, types of marriages, current and future trends in marriage, and relationship education programs in the Arab world.

Experts from across the MENA region attended the forum and youth and couples discussed best practices for marital education programs in Qatar.

DIFI has produced a comprehensive report on the state of marriage in the Arab world, focusing on 22 countries and addressed various deficits in our knowledge on marriage trends, the factors that shape marriage, and the obstacles and challenges to marriage across the Arab world.

DIFI undertook a systematic review of marital education programs across the Arab region that aims to map and analyze the content, topics, and approaches used to provide policy recommendations.


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State of Marriage in the Arab World Book Click here

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