Topic: Migration

Protecting the Best Interests of the Child in Cross-Border Family Disputes

Promoted dialogue and consolidated interaction among regional government officials, judges, independent experts and other competent regional authorities and stakeholders in family disputes affecting children.

The Impact of Wars and Conflicts on Arab Families

Aimed to investigate the role of policy in promoting the well-being and protection of Arab families under conditions of wars and conflicts.

Family of the Migrant Worker

Conference Proceedings

This was convened by the National Institutebof Migration, Familias y Sociedad and DIFI during National Migration Week at Centro Cultural Tlatelolco in Mexico City, Mexico, from the October 21-22, 2009 and brought together specialists to initiate a dialogue on the subject of migration that takes into account the welfare of the family, which is in itself often the initial motive for migration. These proceedings present important conclusions regarding addressing the issue of family reunification for migrants, the protection of unaccompanied migrant minors, and respect for the dignity of the human person.