War, Conflicts and their Impact on Arab Families

Topic :Family Protection and Wellbeing
Type :Proceedings
Publication Year :2016

The two-day DIFI conference “The Impact of Wars and Conflicts on Arab Families” included plenary sessions on the broader topics of the impact of wars and conflicts on families and the roles and experiences of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Special panels were convened on the following topics regarding post war and conflict: repatriation, local integration, and resettlement; research in wars and conflict zones; methods, ethics, and lessons; and a special panel from Al Jazeera correspondents titled “Witness to the Human Story”.


Research Report 20231120

A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding the Marriage Decisions of Syrian Refugee Adolescent Girls in Lebanon
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Research Report 20230802

Coping with prenatal bereavement and perceived stress in current pregnancy: correlates to parental perception of the child and bonding at 6 months
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Research Report 20230428

Impact of Covid-19 on work-family balance among physicians in Lebanon
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Research Report 20231026

Spousal Division of Household Labor in Kuwaiti and Qatari Families
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Research Grant

The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) has launched the OSRA research grant in its sixth cycle which is a research grant on Arab families and family policy related issues.

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