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Are we safe at home?

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several countries around the world have reported a high number of domestic violence cases. For example, the number of cases in some regions of China reached three times the previous rate within only a few weeks of the country imposing isolation and quarantine measures due to COVID-19. In France, this percentage […]

Maternity and paternity leave – how about more?

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The decision by the government of Finland on extending paid maternity and paternity leave to seven months went viral on many social media platforms in Qatar. It has also led to further calls to improve paid leave and work arrangements not only for new mothers, but also for fathers.

The coronavirus lockdown has given us the chance to strengthen our family bonds

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With the World Health Organization (WHO) having declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic, countries around the world are taking measures to curb the spread of this disease. This has led schools, restaurants and many public spaces to close, while more and more organizations are calling for their employees to work remotely.  

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