DIFI Discusses Mental Health in COVID19

DIFI joined international experts in a webinar organized by Qatar Foundation’s Education City Speaker Series in collaboration with World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) to discuss the pandemic and focused on reducing the “stigma” surrounding mental health, and reinforced the importance of the family unit.

According to Dr. Sharifa Al-Emadi, Executive Director of Doha International Family Institute – a Qatar Foundation member – the crisis may reduce the “stigma” surrounding mental health and seeking help, and also reinforce the importance of the family unit, as she said: “People are working from home at the same time as caring for their family, so parents have to understand their children, talk with them, and explain the reality of this situation to them.

“But, at the same time as giving time for their children, parents have to make time for themselves. And we must recognize that while we may be physically apart from each other, we can still communicate with and protect each other.”

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