DIFI expert underlines the importance of supporting children in summer activities

The Director of Family Policy Department at DIFI, Khalid Al Naama, addressed children’s issues and important family matters in a virtual event which was held by the Juvenile Police Department in cooperation with the Family Affairs Department, Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs, entitled ‘Our Children and Summer: Challenges and Solutions’.

During the discussion, which covered a whole host of topics, Mr. Al Naama argued about the magnitude of accommodating the diverse needs of children. He stated that family bonding and emotional wellbeing are more important than providing them with basic necessities like food or focusing solely on their academic performance.

The benefits summer activities can bring youngsters were also outlined by Mr. Al Naama. He pointed out how the goals of enhancing self-esteem, improving confidence and enriching social skills while learning more about everyday norms, traditions and communal aptitudes were to be found within such seasonal programs.

Mr. Al Naama went on to comment about the importance of improving parental skills and spending quality time with your children. The focus here was raising awareness regarding the negative effects of violence towards a family member and the long-term emotional consequences it may have on a child. He also underlined the tremendous value of having an open and honest dialog with your children and find credible sources of information for them to use in their daily lives.