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DIFI Funds and Initiates Comprehensive Book on Arab Family Studies

Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) - a member of Qatar Foundation (QF) – initiated and funded a book on Arab family studies containing the contributions of 28 eminent scholars, with the aim of addressing the gap in global knowledge on the Arab family.

The book, titled ‘Arab Family Studies, Critical Review’ – which is edited by Dr. Suad Joseph, Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology and Gender, and Women's Studies, at the University of California, and published by Syracuse University - DIFI initiated and funded in 2013.

The publication provides a comprehensive literature review that discusses the major theories, methods, and case studies of Arab families over the past century, while offering a country-by-country critical assessment of available scholarship on Arab families.

DIFI to advance research on Arab families impacted by wars

DIFI brought together a network of leading policy makers, researchers and non-governmental organisations for its two-day Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy, at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), from 17th to 18th October. The conference, entitled ‘The Impact of Wars and Conflicts on Arab Families’, examined the importance and means of preserving the family unit during times of instability and civil unrest.